North East England Regional Team Member

North East Scouts have got ambitious plans to grow and transform the volunteer experience in North
East England. Join as part of there team!

What you’ll be doing as a Regional Team Member
The North East Regional Team supports the Lead Volunteer of North East England the eight County lead volunteers with running, growing and transforming Scouts. You’ll be part of a great team of volunteers and staff members who want to bring our Skills for Life strategy to life in everything we do.
We are looking for support with five areas:

  • Growth – building and managing our regional growth plan linking in with the Growth and Community Team to identify growth opportunities across the North East region. Ensuring we continue to provide more young people the opportunity to be a member
  • Learning – building a virtual community of training managers and ensuring provision of manager & supporter training in the North East
  • Support – arranging regional meetings, managing budgets and compliance
  • Communications – building a campaign of internal communications in the region to celebrate the success of transformation and inclusive growth
  • Experience – improving the volunteer experience in the North East. We want to ensure that our volunteer
    experience is easier, more enjoyable and rewarding across the North East region. We will give a warmer
    welcome for everyone, deliver better learning and simplify how we volunteer together.

If you’d like to find out more follow the link here:–O1GHX7wNCOsQi6wL5Hn6uYUZIKfh-geH3khOMMbdBQKXjtxpwCpD7


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