Northumberland Scouts are thrilled to welcome Stu Bennett to the role of Transformation Lead for the County.

Stu scouts locally at 2nd Seaton Delaval Scouts and is also the UK Scouts 18-25 Role Pool Lead.

Stu was also the very first County Youth Commissioner for Northumberland Scouts and lead the county through transformation as well as being a Assistant UK Youth Commissioner too.

Since the Skills for Life Strategy was launched, the steps taken by Counties, Areas and Regions have helped to equip many more young people with skills for life through our amazing programme, supported by our incredible volunteers. During the pandemic, however, we couldn’t carry on as normal. We rallied and responded to the challenge, adapting Scouting to meet new realities. Doing of all that was tough. It also meant pausing full implementation the Skills for Life Strategy. Today, as we look to the future, with a renewed appreciation that Scouting has never been more needed, it’s time for us to recommit to implementing our Skills for Life Strategy.

Leading change

In Northumberland Scouts County our lead volunteer, Peter Thorp ensures that local implementation of our Skills for Life Strategy happens. Each district will have their own development plans, and you may have been reviewing these in recent months. In other cases, we know that many of you are still working hard to support the restart of Scouting, and that not all Sections and Groups are back up and running yet. As we prepare for further change in Scouting, our senior leadership team have responsibilities to ensure that a focus is maintained on restarting Scouting and returning to ‘business as usual’, while steps are taken to prepare for changes that will be released over the coming two years, in a way which will not overwhelm local Scouting.

For that reason, while County Commissioners have an important role in championing change, for example, championing everything that we are doing to improve the volunteer experience, The Scouts are asking Counties to identify someone else, to be the Transformation Lead for Northumberland Scouts.

What is a Transformation Lead

Stu Bennett is our brand new Transformation Lead. The Transformation Lead will be someone who is committed to driving forward our Skills for Life Strategy, helping to plan for and lead change locally.

The Transformation Lead will be working closely with Peter. For those who don’t already know, Stu is an enthusiastic individual, who wants to help prepare for and support Districts, Groups, Units and Networks for all of the exciting changes that we anticipate rolling out over the next few years. As well as working with the County Commissioner, the Transformation Lead will liaise with the County Chair to update them of local change plans and seek the support needed to implement changes locally.

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