We’re excited to launch the recruitment of our Contingent Management Team (CMT) for Roverway 2024.

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We plan to send our largest ever UK Roverway Contingent to Norway. To support this endeavour, we’re seeking six enthusiastic and creative volunteers to form our Contingent Management Team. These individuals will be key in shaping the event.

Please share our recruitment pack with leaders from across your county, area or region, and encourage them to get involved, ask questions and apply. Recruitment of participants will launch early next year.

We don’t need you to do anything now but we’ll soon be sharing more information about how patrols will be formed and ask every County (and equivalent) for an estimate around the number of patrols of 6-8 participants they could support. We have seen how much interest there is in these events and would like to open Roverway up to as many young people as possible. Roverway in a nutshell:It’s an international Scouting event open to 16-22 year olds from across the world. For the UK, this crosses the boundary for the Explorer and Network Scout sections.

It’s hosted by a different European country each time, and was last held in 2018 in the Netherlands. The 2024 event will be in Norway.It’s an opportunity for young people to explore a foreign country, and to do so with a clear programme, in-country support, and training so every participant has a unique experience. Roverway consists of two main elements:A path, where small groups of UK participants (working as a patrol) join other from across the world and embark on a five-day journey through the host country. Paths are designed to be shaped by the participants, making each young people’s experience of Roverway unique.

An international camp, in which thousands of young people gather together from across Europe (and beyond) to share experiences, build friendships and develop skills. The focus is very much on learning about themselves, those around them, and their place in the world. We’re here to support you, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Share our recruitment pack

Shaun Maskrey

Contingent Leader, Roverway 2024 [email protected]


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