Manager/Supporter Training

I’m very much aware that Manager and Supporter training needs some attention.

Prior to the pandemic, this training was regionally based and at the moment there are no plans for it to be restarted, but I do have an option to get modules validated.

Prior Accredited Learning is the best way to get manager/supporter modules validated, so I’ve prepared a support portfolio document that learners can complete in their own time and submit to a Manager TA for validation.

All new Managers/Supporters will receive an input on this process during Module 2, but to ensure that the process and requirements are clear (as this is new), all existing learners who require this training are invited to book onto a Microsoft Teams Information session, following attendance they will be emailed the portfolio.

If you need to complete this training, please book onto this session using the link below.

The session should last less than 1 hour – any queries please feel free to email me at:

[email protected]


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