In this series, we speak to some of our volunteers and ask them ‘Why is volunteering #GoodForYou?’

In the first addition of ‘Why is volunteering #GoodForYou?’ We speak to Will Reynalds.

Will Reynalds

What’s your role / roles in Scouts?

I have a range of roles which include being an Assistant Scout Leader at 4th Morpeth, Assistant UK Commissioner for Programme (Scouts) and part of the Contingent Support Team for 25th World Scout Jamboree.

When and why did you start volunteering for Scouts?

I started my adult volunteering with Scouts as I continued on from my role as a Young Leader to Assistant Scout Leader then to be a Scout Leader at 2nd Rothbury Scouts.

What’s the best thing about volunteering at Scouts?

I think the best things about volunteering at scouts is Meeting others, listening to feedback and adjusting the programme to suit members.

What skills have you learned or passed on to others?

I’ve learnt lots whilst being in the Scouts including Project management, event management, archery, water activities, first aid, the values of different countries and cultures and lots of skills relating to DofE.

How has Scouts helped you in your personal life?

Scouts have given me skills which I’ve transferred into my personal life including having skills to work with larger teams, planning skills and resilience

What are some of your highlights?

I have achieved so much whilst being involved in Scouts and created some live long memories such as attending my first World Scout Jamboree in Japan 2015 along with Scouts from 170 countries. Being able to support leaders in delivery of the Expedition Challenge by developing resources in a team of leaders from around the UK.

What’s your favourite activity in Scouts?Teamwork when navigating and travelling

What other goals would you like to achieve at Scouts in the future?

I would like to work more closely with other sections to improve transition between them.

Is there anything that could’ve improved your volunteering experience?

At one time I had taken on a number of roles but decided that in order to ensure they were done well I should reduce these to a smaller number.

What would you say to people who are sceptical about volunteering at Scouts/about Scouts in general?

The training is really useful and is tailored around you, also being very flexible. You soon pick up and learn new skills and also make great friends. There are lots of other opportunities linked to any roles.


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