In this series, we speak to some of our volunteers and ask them ‘Why is volunteering #GoodForYou?’

In the next addition of ‘Why is volunteering #GoodForYou?’ We speak to our County Commissioner, Peter Thorp.

What’s your role / roles in Scouts?

My primary role is County Commissioner for Northumberland Scouts.

When and why did you start volunteering for Scouts?

I started volunteering In December 1991 when I turned 18.  I started volunteering with the 8thTynemouth (Wallsend) Cub Scout Pack.  Prior to turning 18 I had helped at the Pack having being a Cub Scout and Scout with the 8th Tynemouth. I really enjoyed my time as a youth member and wanted to give something back as a adult volunteer. 

What’s the best thing about volunteering at Scouts?

Seeing young people grow in confidence, develop new skills and become active members of the local community

What skills have you learned or passed on to others

How to read a map

How to sail

Perform on a stage

How to cook on a open fire

How has Scouts helped you in your personal life?

Scouting has given me lots of confidence including the confidence to stand up in front of large groups of adults and children,

What are some of your highlights?

My first District Cub Scout Camp as a Leader

Attending the 2007 World Scout Jamboree

Tynemouth Gang Show 1992 (Ask Peter about this when you see him!!)

Water Activity Days as Hawkhirst

Seeing young people receive badges and Top Awards

What’s your favourite activity in Scouts?

There is lots things that I love to do but the stand out things are: Cooking on a open fire and Water activities.

What other goals would you like to achieve at Scouts in the future?

Gain my sailing qualifications

Is there anything that could’ve improved your volunteering experience?


What would you say to people who are sceptical about volunteering at Scouts/about Scouts in general?

Come and be part of an amazing movement. Make lots of new friends, gain lots of new skills, experience lots of new activities and support young people to gain skills for life


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