After four years in leading the District, Daren Bailey, stood down as District Commissioner for Tynemouth Scouts in 2021.

Peter Thorp, County Commissioner, has been overseeing the District as Acting District Commissioner but we are now in a position to search for the next District Commissioner for Tynemouth Scouts.

Tynemouth Scouts will be moving into its next phase of development and we are looking for a new District Commissioner, a lead volunteer manager who will ensure all its Scout Groups, Explorer Scout Units, the District Scout Network Unit and the District’s Scout Active Support Units are supported and developed to ensure young people get the best quality Scouting possible.

How can you help?

A Search Group has been formed to assist the County Commissioner in the search for a new District Commissioner for Tynemouth Scouts.  We know there are some amazing people out there and we want to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to nominate those they feel could undertake this role.

Therefore you are invited to contribute to this search by submitting a nomination, or multiple nominations of those (including yourself) whom you feel should be considered for this important and rewarding role.

Please do not be put off from nominating someone because you believe or think they would not accept the role; if you think they are capable then please put their name(s) forward. The Search Group is open-minded and will recommend a group of individuals to the County Commissioner who will consider making an appointment on a role for the right candidates and circumstances. It is genuinely hoped this will encourage individuals to self-nominate/apply who might otherwise not do so. Please do not discuss any of your nominations with the nominees or anyone else. 

Please find a letter from the Search group along with the search pack attached


Tynemouth-dc-vacancy-pack Download

If you are unsure or would like a non-committal chat about the role or any Nominations you wish to make then please do contact either me as Search Group Delegate and we can arrange an informal chat with members of the search group.

[email protected]

The submission of Nomination Forms closes at 9pm on Wednesday 6th July 2022

so please ensure your Nomination(s) is/are received by this date at the latest. Late submissions regrettably cannot be accepted.


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