Where: Scout House, 39 Horsley Ave, Shiremoor, Newcastle upon Tyne NE27 0UG

Contact: Peter Thorp (County Commissioner)

Contact Email: [email protected]

Deadline: Friday 20th January

Assistant County Commissioner – Cubs

Outline: To work in partnership with County Commissioner to ensure that effective operation of the Cub Scout Section in their County in accordance with the rules as laid down in POR of The Scout Association.

Responsible for: County Leaders (if applicable)

Responsible to: County Lead Volunteer (County Commissioner)

Main Contacts: CC, DCs, ADC (Cub Scouts), other ACCs, District and County Advisers, County Administrator FDO, HQ, National Commissioner (Cub Scouts), ACC (Cub Scouts) from other Counties, Girlguiding UK, Schools and other local Youth Organisations.

Appointment Requirements: To understand and accept The Scout Association’s policies, have a satisfactory DBS Clearance, Completion of Wood Badge, which includes the Section Supporter Modules as detailed in the Adult’s Personal File and The Scout Association’s Adult Training Scheme.

General Main Tasks:

  • Ensure purpose, method, policies and programme are carried out throughout the Cub Scout Section in the County
  • Assist ADC (Cub Scouts) in the encouragement of all Leaders in the Cub Scout Section to provide a balanced programme
  • Co-operate with DCs to support all Leaders and Commissioners in matters relating to the Cub Scout Section and its Leaders
  • Promote and encourage to the Cub Scout Section the implementation of all policies of The Scout Association, especially the key policies as laid down in Chapter 2 of POR
  • Liaise with County Administrators
  • Maintain a working relationship with DCs, ADCs (Cub Scouts) and other Commissioners within the County
  • Work in partnership with CC in the management of the County and the Cub Scout Section’s programme and activities
  • Support the CC and the CTM with the learning needs of Leaders and Commissioners in the Cub Scout Section
  • Maintain contact relevant to the Cub Scout Section age group within the local community
  • Promote the Cub Scouting to the local Community
  • Support the CC in the development of the County

Good Practice for a Section Support Lead for Cub Scouts

To help you in your role as the ACC Cub Scouts please have a look at the following examples of good practice that have been used by other ACCs and AACs.


  • Identify ways in which you and your ADCs can best support the Districts in your County/Area and their programmes
  • Have a full collection of all the Cub Scout publications and resources available to show at all possible opportunities
  • Have the Balanced Programme on your agenda at every meeting so that all views can be collected and passed onto Headquarters
  • Promote SCOUTING Magazine and the section supplement as a source of regular ideas
  • Plan the County/Area programme well in advance and in consultation with Districts, making sure your content meets the needs of the Leaders and/or the young people


  • Visit District Leaders Meetings at least once a year
  • Send minutes of your meetings to your County Commissioner and District Commissioners as well as the ADCs
  • Send the minutes of your meetings to Headquarters so that a complete picture of Cub Scouting across the UK can be maintained
  • Attend your Regional Meetings/Workshops so that issues can be discussed and views passed onto Headquarters. If you can’t attend send a representative
  • Send a very positive newsletter to all your ADCs (or Packs where there is no ADC or equivalent) so that they are kept in the picture of what is happening across the County/Area. These could be based on the minutes of your meetings
  • Update your County/Area website with County/Area Cub news where applicable
  • Collect the Cubs’ views on County/Area events that you might be planning for them.


  • Focus on supporting the recruitment of adults into Packs
  • Keep joining lists on your meeting agendas
  • Keep a track of trends in Cubs numbers within your Districts from year to year
  • Send a congratulations note or card to the Packs within your County that have grown from the last census and ask how it was achieved
  • Circulate success stories on development to inspire others

County Section Meetings:

  • Make them fun, yet purposeful
  • Hold them regularly on a day and at a time suitable for most people
  • Plan meeting dates at least 12 months in advance
  • Send an agenda out in good time
  • Send minutes out as soon as possible after the meeting.

Note: any other specific tasks are to be agreed with the County Commissioner.


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