Over the next few weeks there will be a few changes to some of our e-learning modules.

As part of an interim review, we’re moving our remaining e-learning modules to the platform where most of the modules are already hosted. The main reason for this change is that we can no longer control the older platform that hosts some of the modules. This is a temporary measure, while we’re preparing to launch the new learning system in 2023.

When moving these remaining modules to our main platform, we’ve fixed broken links and typos. The training content remains the same.

Unfortunately, our main platform doesn’t generate named certificates. As Scouts, we will therefore accept on trust certificates presented as proof of learning, or in the case of GDPR as proof of validation. 

This will apply for the following modules:

  • 03: Tools for the Role – Section Leaders
  • 04: Tools for the Role – Managers and Supporter
  • Delivering a Quality Programme
  • The Fundamentals of Scouting
  • GDPR
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