It can sometimes be hard to make sure everyone’s entertained between activities, and keeping everybody busy, occupied and safe can be difficult.

To help, we’ve put together a group of games that are all under ten minutes. They can be helpful little time fillers to keep in your back pocket. Or, you can put them together to create a session for an unexpected rainy day!

Why not print or write out a few options and create a games folder so Scouts or Young Leaders can choose and run them themselves?


Put your reflexes to the test in this fun warm up game, River and bank.

Play Foxes and rabbits to see if the rabbits stay safely in the warren, or if the foxes catch them out.

Stretch like an animal to calm down and relax in Animal mirror.

Get hearts racing with Red light, green light– a fast-paced traffic light warm up game.

Encourage everyone to get active with a quick round of Duck, duck, goose.

Get everyone moving and thinking with this energetic parachute game, Cat and mouse.

Practise your listening skills and try to stay still as you Capture the keys.

Show everyone your dancing skills with a fun, energetic game of Musical statues.

Can you copy the person in the middle in Punchinella, little fella, a traditional Jamaican children’s game?

Is it an Apple, orange or banana?

Get everyone running around with this fruity memory game

Get active with these bug themed actions.

How will you move when It’s all in the name?

Learn the points of the compass in ten minutes with Naughty elephants spray water.

Try out some Bug-gy behaviour and use your memory in this call and response game – a simpler version of Captain’s coming.

Beavers and Cubs 

Race your team’s paper fish in a relay and see who comes out the winner in Flapping fish!

Try The floor is lava and work as a team to move across the playing area. Whatever you do, don’t touch the floor!

Can you get In the groove and create a dance routine that has everyone’s favourite moves in?

Be an effective detective and find the Rhythm master in this quick team game.

How good is your aim? Put it to the test with the fast-paced Game of aim.

You’ll have to sneak and tiptoe to get the pirate’s map. Will you succeed first time in Don’t wake the pirate?

Transform into a human dragon and work together to protect your tail from your friends in Dragon dodgeball.

Go one-on-one or team up in this quick game of hockey called Whackers!

Test your memory and reactions in this game where you’re just a Zip, zap, boing away from victory!

How many items can you remember? Put your team to the test in and keep your Eyes on the prize in this exciting, upgraded version of ‘Kim’s Game.’

Get active and test your reflexes by being the first to shout ‘Splat!’

Choose size, magic or wisdom in this magical version of rock, paper, scissors in Giants, wizards and elves.

Warm up for a day on the water and learn some sailing terminology in this energising game of Captain’s coming.

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