Minor injuries (cuts, grazes) which are dealt with by first aid and which require no further medical intervention do not need to be reported. However, if a minor injury deteriorates and it is discovered that parents have taken the young person for further treatment the incident reporting procedure should be followed.

Injuries requiring emergency services, professional help or visit to hospital

It is unfortunately true that at some time in the life of many Leaders or Commissioners within The Scout Association they will be involved with an accident to a Member of The Movement. Any injury or illness which requires medical intervention by a Doctor, Dentist or at a hospital should be notified to Scout Insurance Services irrespective of any subsequent diagnosis. i.e., if a young person is taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm but it turns out to be only badly bruised, the incident should still be reported. Refer to the Guide To Reporting For Leaders And Commissioners for more information.

Near Misses

The Scout Association want to hear details of near misses within Scouting (unplanned events that did not result in normally reportable injury, illness or damage – but had the potential to do so). Please fill in the Near Miss form found here.