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Steps to Visit abroad:


  1. Download the Visit Abroad Pack (.doc/pdf). It contains the rule, process, form and some top tips to get you started
  2. Submit Part A of your Visit Abroad form to your ACCI (or Equivalent), as soon as you’ve decided on the basic details: Where, When and Who is going. The definite numbers and dates can be confirmed in Part B.
  3. Plan your trip with support from your ACCI (or Equivalent), DC, other volunteers where relevant.
  4. Submit your Visit Abroad form with Part B completed. This will confirm all the details of your trip including your programme, relevant risk assessments and details about your In Touch process. Your ACCI (or Equivalent),  and relevant approving Commissioner will assess your visit and give approval for the visit to go ahead as planned or offer more support to ensure it’s a valuable and safe trip

Example Critical Incident Plan:

Click here to download a .pdf of an example Criticial Incident Plan.

International Opportunities

Find out all you need to know about going abroad or organising an international event in the UK. This section contains support and information on where to go, what to do, how to fundraise and lots more.

International Opportunities

The UK Contingent team participates in Scouting events all over the world. If you are interested in being part of the UK Contingent for any future events please complete the online form for official Scouting events.