Promoting Top Awards

The Adventure Begins flyer can be downloaded here.


Leaders can choose whether to process bulk registrations by purchase stock of Participation Places or direct participants to use the Online Registration Process (this can be used for adding next levels as well). Details are on the Participants page

If processing bulk applications please use this County Registration Form. It can be printed and hand written or completed electronically. Please contact John Brittain for a quote before sending cheques or crediting the County bank account.

Facebook Group

We now have a County D of E Facebook Group which can be accessed here.

This is the ideal forum to share activity ideas and opportunities and to share Expedition opportunities.

Information for New Leaders

Scout HQ have prepared a D of E Leaders Pack which gives a lot of useful advice to new Leaders. It can be accessed here.

Leader Training

Information on the courses available to support you can be found here. If you are interested in attending any future training course please contact John Brittain.

Section Resources


Training Requirements for participants Volunteering with the Scout Association can be found on Page 16 of the Leader Support Pack. Please make sure that details of training attended is included in the Assessor Report or added as additional evidence.


No resources yet


No resources yet


All Expeditions must be notified to the County Expedition Coordinator and your DC or Responsible Commissioner. Please use this form.

County Assessor Fees – The current fees for a County Assessor are £50 for Bronze, £70 for Silver and £90 for Gold. Contact Tony Killing for full details.

Ideas for Aims – You might find some of these Aims useful.

The Scout Expedition Checklist can be accessed here.

Residential (Gold only)

Before committing to taking part in a Residential opportunity complete this form and pass it to your leader. All Residential activities require pre- approval to ensure they comply with the D of E requirements