Each year, the County Scout Council elects the County Executive Committee. This process starts with the nominations from the County Scout Council then elections by electronic ballot and the results will be announced at the County AGM on Monday 20th September 2021.

Any member of the Scout Association (18 years old or over) can be nominated for election to the County Executive, nominations must be made by and seconded by a member of the County Scout Council. Details of the members of the council can be found in The Constitution of the Scout County.  

All the current elected members of the County Executive are coming to the end of their term, triggering an election for the five available positions, each for a term of 12 months.

The time frame for the nominations will operate as follows:

  1. 4th August 2021 Distribution of nomination papers.
  2. 23rd August 2021 Nominations close, nomination papers to be returned to County Administration via secure link.
  3. 25th August 2021 Electronic ballot opens.
  4. 10th September 2021 Close of ballot.
  5. 20th September 2021 Results of Elections to County Executive announced at AGM.

Click here to access the Election to the County Executive Committee nomination form.

 I encourage all members of the County Scout Council to nominate and vote.

Yours in Scouting,

Prof Sir Alan Craft