An Appointments Advisory Committee is mandatory for each County and primarily exists to assist with the process of appointing adults in Scouting.

The following members of the Appointments Advisory Committee are appointed by a resolution of the relevant Executive Committee:

Appointments Chair: The Appointments Chair is appointed to lead the Appointments Advisory Committee. The Appointments Chair must not be the Chair of the relevant Executive Committee (because the Chair of the Executive Committee is involved in the resolutions of disputes involving the Appointments Advisory Committee).

Appointments Secretary: The Secretary is appointed to ensure that the required administration is carried out for the Appointments Advisory Committee.

Appointments Members: Sufficient members must be appointed to ensure that three members can be found to undertake the meeting with each applicant.

In appointing the members of the Appointments Advisory Committee, the Executive Committee should bear in mind the range of skills and attributes that will be required in committee members. All members of the Appointments Advisory Committee must be over 18 years old. Every Appointments Advisory Committee should have, as members, at least two young people between the age of 18 and 25 years old. (Rules 4.25c and 5.16c.). Rule 2.2(d) must also be observed.

Appointments Advisory Committee members do not require to have current or previous experience in Scouting.

All members of the Appointments Advisory Committee must have successfully completed a Personal Enquiry.

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