Financial Support

Explorer Units, Districts and Groups within the Northumberland Scout County are all individual charities and as such are responsible for the management of their own funds and required fundraising.

Northumberland Scouts have two funds to support Districts and Groups, both are very specific in what they can support:

Northumberland Scout Adventure Fund

This fund is to support Scouting across the County and ensure that all young people have the opportunity for Adventure in their programme. 

Adventure Fund Grants are specifically to be used to promote adventurous activities and international travel for youth members of Northumberland Scouts. The restrictions on the fund outlines that its application will be as follows: 

  • Support will be for international experiences or activities that are adventurous in respect to the young people participating.
  • Funding can be provided to support the activity or individual participants.
  • Adventurous activities will be those not normally experienced in the normal week to week section programme.
  • Applications can be considered from all young people sections - Beaver/Cub/Scout/Explorer/Network.
  • Applications must be supported by the applicable Commissioners (DC/CC)
  • Activities must support the Scout Balanced Programme and be undertaken to Scout Association Rules. 

The Adventure Fund is the responsibility of the County Executive and is managed by the Finance Committee. Applications for Grants should be made to the Finance Committee on the Adventure Fund Application Form.

Download the Adventure Fund application pack