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#TeamNorthumberland is made up of Commissioners who provide leadership and management across Northumberland Scouting along with specialised support in areas like programme, people and perception.

If you’d like to request a visit from a member of #TeamNorthumberland to any of the following things, then please fill in the form below.

  • A weekly meeting for your section
  • A District event
  • A performance of a District Gang Show
  • A presentation of awards
  • A meeting of adult volunteers
  • A DofE Award expedition
  • or any other reason

We will do our best to ensure someone is able to attend but this may not always be possible. Please give us at least a month’s notice and the details of what you’d like us to do.

In this form, we will collect personal data about you (your name, email address and phone number). These details are required so that we can contact you about the request you have made. We will share this data with the most appropriate member(s) of #TeamNorthumberland who relate to your request.

We take your personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide to us is securely stored in secure online storage. We will keep the personal data we capture from this form up up to and including the time of the event. For further details of the Scouts data protection policy click here.

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