Information for Expedition Assessors

As an Expedition Assessor you are Accredited by D of E and Affiliated to assess Scouts by the Scout Association. At some time, you will need to apply for Re-Accreditation and at the same time Re-Affiliation.


Your permit to assess D of E Expeditions lasts for 5 years after which it needs to be renewed. This is now done completely on eDoE. For many of you eDoE is a familiar system, however if your involvement is only as a D of E Expedition Assessor you might not even realise that you have an eDoE account until you receive an email telling you that your permit is going to expire.

Information about how Assessor Accreditation is managed can be found on the D of E Website here.

I have prepared a guide which you can access here that shows you how to complete the reaccreditation process.


There is a new process in place now managed by The Scout Association

When you register or re-register to become a DofE Assessor, we’ll check that you’ve met the requirements needed to support young people on their expedition. When you meet the requirements, we can then affiliate your DofE Assessor role with the Scouts on eDofE.

To streamline the affiliation process and replace the EAAS forms, we’re now asking you to complete this DofE Assessor form when you want your Assessor role to be affiliated or re-affiliated with Scouts.

The Scout Association requirements for Expedition Assessors have become more onerous than they used to be. Could you please download and attach this letter to your application. It is hoped that this letter will explain to HQ how our Team are managed and allay some of the concerns that they may have.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please contact John Brittain