Training Modules

Every volunteer role in Scouting has a training responsibility.

The training modules that you need to complete depend on the volunteer role that you are taking on.

We know that many Scout volunteers have prior learning which they can apply to their Scouting role. Your Training Adviser will help you create a Personal Learning Plan recognising any previous experience and those modules you are required to complete.

After working through the mandatory Getting Started training you are required to complete a further set of modules which will predominantly be delivered in a group as face to face sessions.

The links below are for those sessions that are currently available.

7th February 2022 – Wood Badge Introduction Module 2 & Module 18 (Face to Face)

14th February 2022 – Wood Badge Induction Module 2 & Module 18 (Virtual)

4th April 2022 – Manager Induction & PLP (Face to Face)

12th February 2022 – Modules 8, 9 & 13

Modules 16, 17 & 19

Modules 12B, 14 & 15

Module 7

Module 38