Superhero School!


Beaver Scouts from 2nd and 5th Tynemouth colonies travelled down to Tynemouth District HQ for a weekend of Superhero School - in an action packed sleepover!

For most beavers it was their first night away from home; so the programme needed to be jam packed. This was to keep the beavers minds off everything else and focus upon gaining their superpowers to graduate from Superhero School! 

The evening started with creating their own Superhero passport with Banana Man, Batman and a ghost buster (Peter, Steven & Rachel)

This was then followed up with a Superhero themed disco with Superman (Sean) 

Tea was then served fit for a team of 35 hungry 'Super Beavers' with Pizzas being ordered from the local takeaway! 

Beavers then continued their fun with movie- The Incredibles with an interval half way where they had the chance to earn their Stealth power with a game of spotlight in their sleeping bags! 

The Beavers then fell asleep awaiting a early school bell for the second day of SuperHero School! 

They donned their capes, utility belts and masks to jump in front of a green screen with SuperGirl, Banana man and Bat Girl (Tracy, Peter & Katie) for a few special photos.

After a filled morning of fun all the superheroes thankfully graduated from SuperHero school at Tynemouth District Headquarters! 

Well done to Wonder Woman - Kelly for organising such an amazing sleepover! 

Click here to see some images from our sleepover.