I would be very grateful if you could spare some time to help with the County Climbing competition – sorry about the short notice.

The County team is looking for volunteers to help with belaying, scoring and marshalling for the County Climbing Competition 2nd -3rd December 2017 and will be running a preliminary training/orientation  session for this on Wednesday 15th November 2017 6.30 pm at Newcastle Climbing Centre to which all are invited. General helpers are needed as well as competent belayers with recent climbing experience and permits (the equivalent of 5 climbing sessions in the last 12 months).

Up to ten climbers who are competent with recent experience but without a current climbing permit have an opportunity to be updated/assessed for a climbing permit on the Weds evening session. A Mountain Training Instructor and Scouting Assessor team will be present. If you would like to apply for a permit please let me know and bring a brief log of your relevant climbing experience.

General helpers and existing permit holders with CWA (Climbing Wall Award) or above will be given an orientation for the competition and timing of attendance etc. can be discussed. Climbers with permits but without an NGB award are invited to join the climbing training team for an update. The climbing wall staff will be present for the competition but have requested that all helpers come to the session on Weds if possible. If you can’t come to the preliminary session let me know and I will try to make other arrangements for you.

We are hoping to have about ten belayers and five helpers/two scorers available for both days of the competition (including current permit holders and some climbing wall staff) If you can only make one day of the weekend or part of a day then that is still helpful to us.

Please contact Leon Lindsey, email: leo@leolin.net / mobile: 0777 1522768 if you would like to help and to confirm attendance at the orientation/training session. Please feel free to ask any questions by phone text or email.


Leon Lindsey on behalf of the County Team

PS thanks to those who have already volunteered – please pass this on to any leader who may be able to help.

Climbing Competition Timetable

Click here to view the County Climbing Competition timetable.