#YouShape 2019

Our new strategic plan, Skills for Life, continues to prioritise Youth Shaped Scouting. By 2023, we want 250,000 young people nationally to be shaping their experiences at Scouts each year. We know there is more that we can do to develop leadership skills in young people, to give them a voice in the movement and improve the quality, quantity and consistency of Youth Shaped Scouting.

February is YouShape Month, a platform to empower young people to shape their Scouting experience at a local and national level. During YouShape Month, we're encouraging all sections to run local activities that will help their young people engage and share their views, ideas and opinions. Youth Shaped Scouting isn't a new concept; empowering young people to decide, design and implement their own Programme and thrive in leadership opportunities is already happening in many areas of Scouting. This year’s YouShape month allows us to focus on local activities and sessions, but more importantly to look to the future and how we can firmly embed Youth Shape Scouting into the programme. To achieve our goals moving forward, we know that we need to further embed Youth Shaped Scouting - not as an annual campaign, but as a key part of the programme.

What can i do with my section to take part?

Youth Forums don’t have to be formal sit down meetings with your young people. They can be done through exciting activities, giving young people the chance to feedback on their Programme and have fun!

Last year we sent every group a set of YouShape Postcards, packed with brilliant ideas and activities for each section. We hope you’ve still got your set and can re-use them this year. If not, you can download digital copies here. We also have a limited amount of spare postcards for any new groups. Email Stu for more information.

There’s also ‘Wear their Necker’. This is all about getting Young People to shadow Leaders to see what the role involves and understand how they could do the role. This could be as simple as a Scout running the evening for the night, to an Explorer shadowing a District Commissioner. Why not give a Young Person the challenge of being your GSL for the day? More information available here.

Looking to the future – a YouShape award

This year, as part of YouShape 2019, the UK Youth Commissioner team want your views on the future of YouShape. The team are proposing the introduction of a YouShape Award to further embed Youth Shaped Scouting as a key part of the programme. We hope that within your plans for February you also ask young people their views and submit their feedback and ideas to us.

A consultation pack has been produced that explains the proposed YouShape Award, the consultation and how to take part in giving your feedback as well as the views of young people. It includes more detail on the proposed new core award for Youth Shaped Scouting along with a suggested session plan and resources to make it as easy as possible for sections to run. Click here to download the pack and find out more.

And not forgetting the badges!

Brand new YouShape 2019 badges are now available for purchase from Scout Store with a new colour scheme as shown below. Worn as an occasional badge on the uniform, you can award these to all young people and adults who take part in a YouShape activity this February. Click here to order yours from Scout Store (make sure you select the 2019 badges).

Make sure you share what you’re up to during YouShape month on social media using #YouShape so we can showcase the fantastic sessions and work taking place in Northumberland. If you need any additional help or support on YouShape month or Youth Shaped Scouting in general you can speak to your District Youth Commissioner (click here for details).

Remember Youth Shaped Scouting should always be fun! It's all about Young people working in partnership with adults to shape their Scouting adventure.