Beaver Scout Festive Challenges

Festive Biscuits

Decorate a biscuit in a festive theme (Skills Challenge).

If you are really keen why not make some cupcakes and decorate them with a festive theme (Cook's Badge) and take a picture of it it to be put on the County website & social media.

Festive ABC

How many things can you think of to do with the festive season? Try our Alphabet Challenge. You can print it off or make your own, then write, draw or even make a collage of the different answers for each letter. Mums and Dads love to do this too!

Download our Festive ABC sheet here.

Festive Coordinates

Have fun with this co-ordinates activity. What festive shapes did you make?

Download our Festive Coordinates sheet here.

Photos can be sent to and will be shown off in this gallery!