• Make a pebble/stone tower or be inventive and make an interesting tower in your garden using any natural materials.
  • Learn to skim a stone
  • Make bug hotel from a plastic bottle- there's a picture of one below
  1. With help of an adult cut top and bottom off a plastic bottle with scissors so that you are left with a tube shape
  2. Pierce a hole in the middle of the tube, using a pen or scissors, and another hole underneath on the opposite side.
  3. Thread a length of string through both holes. Pull it through, leaving a tail of about 32 (7.5 cm). Tie this tail around a small twig. This will prevent the string from pulling all the way through. Leave enough string at the opposite end of tube to be able to tie a loop to hang the bug hotel up.
  4. Fill and tightly pack the tube with bug friendly materials: sticks, twigs, moss, pine cones, dried leaves etc...
  5. Hang it up in your garden for the bugs to find their way in.